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Convert Text To Audio For Kids With This Online Tool

As screens are turning essentials, listening to things may be a good way to entertained and or educate. 

Despite digital is here to stay, there are alternatives to it. 

Certainly, kids spend lots of hours in front of digital devices like smartphones, smart TVs, and video games. In spite of that, parents should find alternative ways to occupy their time. 


1- Boosts imagination: When we listen to audio content without any visual screens, our brains are forced to build a visual depiction of the situation.

2- Improves focusing skills: You can listen while multitasking. You can enjoy it while doing something else because you are not focusing your eyes on a book or a digital screen.
Besides, it’s especially good for children because they may listen to it while doing homework or other art and craft hobbies.

3- Helps memory: In order to get the essential meaning, listeners tend to be more focused. When we are distracted, we tend to rely on one of our primary sense organs more than the others.
However, paying attention to what is being said leads to a better understanding of the content and increased retention.

4- Pronunciation: While listening to the audio, we tend to focus more on each word. As a result, this helps us learn new words and languages. The audio content helps to correct pronunciations by listening to native speakers of the language.

To summarize, there are plenty of pros for getting your kids’ books into mp3 files. Fortunately, there’s an online easy-to-use software at


People of all ages can use the technology to follow the text’s speech on the computer. Listening to things read aloud in a natural voice is a newly popular activity.


For realism, this software service converts your words into a professional speech with high-quality female and male voices. It’s ideal for users, children learning to read, e-learning, lectures, YouTube videos, Tiktok, Instagram, Twitch, and Facebook, as well as improving a website’s accessibility.

Woord’s advantages

The Woord Online Reader is a one-of-a-kind tool for developing artificial intelligence-powered services and businesses like text-to-speech. There are a few paid subscriptions that provide you access to over 30 thousand characters of audio.


1- Just enter a word or phrase in the search box, or import any document, and you’re ready to go.

2- Select an appropriate speaking rate for you.

3- Choose a starting point for your reading.

4- You have the freedom to replay the text as many times as you choose.


Arabic, Italian, French, Chinese, and Colombian are among the languages supported by Woord’s Online Reader.
Voices are available in Spanish, Dutch, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Welsh, Danish, Bengali, and Spanish.

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