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Free AI Voice Generator For Advertising Voice Overs

Do you work for the advertising industry? If you answered yes, you have to read this article. Here we introduce you to a free AI voice generator that can provide you with the best voice overs! Continue reading to find more information!

Advertising is one of the most antique techniques marketers use to sell products or services. If we look up a formal definition, it would say that it is a communication or promotion of certain goods or facilities. This type of message is designed to call people’s attention with catchy lines and visuals. They can inform, convince and remind at the same time! But their underlying purpose is always to persuade them to finally purchase what they are offering.    

The first modern examples of advertising date from the 20s and covered a lot of different industries. Since newspapers’ announcements until 2022, publicity has evolved to digital videos and 360 marketing strategies. Nowadays, we can find them on the streets, on websites, on social media, in emails, and in almost every format. We are so conditioned to watch them that most of the time, we just play the skip-up option. 

Voice Over

But the importance of ads is beyond the ability to retail something through paid resources. It helps the economy develop, preserve and increase brand awareness, and win and maintain new customers. Also, it can boost your client’s trust in your company, launch new-founded merchandising and tell stories that became a part of a generation’s legacy. We all remember Coca-Cola’s iconic ads or the Volkswagen commercials, for example.          

In most of them, we hear somebody narrating what is happening or maybe including some new data, as a compliment. This is what we call ‘voiceovers’: a short piece of sound, no more than 30 or 60 seconds, where we hear a description of the product. Is a technique of sound production that, once it’s already recorded, can be overlapped on any video. 

Why Using An AI Generator For Voice Overs

When we talk about voice overs you probably think of a voice actor or actress with a Guion paper in a studio. This is a way to create them, of course, but there is another possibility. Artificial Intelligence voices are the greatest option if you don’t have the time or the budget to direct a voice recording. In text-to-speech solutions, you will find all the features you need to create customized voice overs without uncomfortable issues.    

From all the AI Voice Generators available, Woord is the most complete option. You can translate your anime character lines to 50 languages and have unlimited audio. You will have complete control over your content! Select a voice and an accent and then customize specific aspects like pitch, volume, pauses, and more.  

This text-to-speech technology can emulate human voices in ways you can’t believe it’s possible! You just have to create a free account and upload a document to see what happens. As simple as play a button and you will have your Nagatoro voice ready for the next production step. Don’t forget to listen to it and adjust settings until you have the perfect voice. Woord can help you build the animation of your dreams!

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