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Free AI Voice Generators With Girl Child Voices

There are so many ways to learn! If you have kids, a useful tool that will help them to get used to a new language is hearing the content they like. Here we tell you the best features of some Free AI Voice Generators with girl child voices!

In the beginning, when text-to-speech technology wasn’t developed enough, the AI services were too expensive. Only some companies can afford them and the voices were always from adults or teenagers. But what happened with children’s voices? 

Nowadays, things are very different and some much better! We have a lot of options to choose from, the majority let us try it for free and also, have at least one child vocal. There are some studies about applying this technology in schools and homes. It’s probed that it improves word recognition, increases attention and remembering, helps writing and editing and lets kids focus on comprehension.   

Free AI Voice Generators With Girl Child Voices

They are, sadly, the ones who most suffer because of the pandemic. Children from all ages had to learn through screens: using computers, tablets or even their parents’ cellphones to attend virtual classes. Some of them didn’t understand how to accomplish tasks because they couldn’t distinguish the sound of the letters. That’s why AI Voice Generators are so helpful and will give tools to the ones who struggle with reading. We are talking about Woord, Acapela and ReadLoud

Woord TTS

This is our first option, we recommend it with 5 stars. Woord have a lot of languages and accents and also, a wide spectrum of voices for you to choose. You can modify the speed, the pitch, the gender, and so many features. And, of course, it has child speakers, especially girls’! The only thing you have to do is to create an account for free. You can let your kid play with the different options until she/he finds a voice she/he really likes. Then, download it and study together!  

Free AI Voice Generators With Girl Child Voices

Acapela Group

Free AI Voice Generators With Girl Child Voices

Girls’ voices are considered more kind and friendly than boys. But on Acapela you can try to write some words and change the genre. Also you can customize other indicators. The idea is for your kids being identified with the voice they heard. Here you will have some demos, have fun and don’t forget to register into Acapela Cloud!  

ReadLoud AI Voice Creator

Free AI Voice Generators With Girl Child Voices

ReadLoud is an AI Voice Generator that has more than 10 languages and voices including children’s. You can try to write something in the website bar and select pauses, pitch and speed. There is a preset audio for every option, so you can know a little bit of what you are going to choose. Below them, they explain for what purposes each one is better. You should consider this one, it’s very easy to use! 

Put some human-like, realistic and high quality voices to your kids/students’ texts and make them learn better!

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