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Free AI Voice Generators With Marathi Voices

Are you looking for Free AI Voice Generators that faster your reading? Do you need them they have Indian voices, like Marathi? In this article, you will find the best three text-to-speech options that will change your view of consuming content. 

Do you know that the Marathi language ranks in the 15th place on the list of the 100 most spoken idioms in the world? That’s because it has more than 95 million speakers, from India and other countries. It’s a very ancient Indo-European tongue, that was written in stones, and got through invasions and wars.

Well, this is only one of the at least 400 languages that people speak in India. It’s a very multicultural state and its diversity is fully appreciated by travelers and academics. There are a lot of technology developers, most of the informatical area that is linked with TTS applications.

Free AI Voice Generators With Marathi Voices

Text-To-Speech software works in almost all platforms, the only thing you need to have is an Internet connection and an HTML or SSML website. What does it do? It’s like a language translator but from text to voice. 

You can write a few lines in any idiom and technology does the rest. The result is amazing: voices don’t sound mechanical at all! In the paragraphs below, we introduce you to three of the best Free AI Voice Generators that you can find online: Woord,, and Hear2Read.


Free AI Voice Generators With Marathi Voices

It’s easy to use and has a guide with all the steps you should follow if you want incredible voice-overs. Woord has a library with more than 1.000 free samples in 20 languages and over 50 different voices. Also, there is a FAQs section with the information you are wondering about. 

Let’s talk about functionalities. You can convert documents, write your own text or scan it from photos. Then, decide a language, a voice, the gender (male, female, neutral), speed, and audio effect. In a few seconds, your voice would be ready to download in MP3 or listen online. You can add the extension and use it whenever you can! Try this API with Marathi voices and hear your sites on a higher level.

Free AI Voice Generators With Marathi Voices

This is an excellent application too. On you can search by language or accent, it has a lot of options provided for the best voice services. You could select Marathi (Indian), for example, and a speaker sorted by gender: Aahori or Manohar. But these are premium ones. You can only use standard voices if you have a free account. 

It’s good to know that your creation will be available to download in MP3 and WAV format. If you want to read aloud your Medium or WordPress content, you can also do it from the plugin! Or use the online reader, which has voices depending on the style. Have fun and learn more with this text-to-speech application!


Free AI Voice Generators With Marathi Voices

The last option is Hear2Read, a TTS plugin that can read aloud Indic text. As with most of these technologies, it works with a Cloud service on the Internet. You can access a basic demo but can’t download the audio because you need the plugin first. It has a Marathi accent but only a male version. Read more without seeing with this assistive technology!

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