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Free AI Voice Generators With Slovenian Voices

All know that audio provides us with a richer user experience. That’s why it subconsciously engages our brains with a continuous stream of selected sounds. Like images and videos, which catch our attention with perspective and movement, voiceovers are indispensable for the last generations. In this article, we are going to talk about Free AI Voice Generators that have the best features to improve our web path.

Voice Generators are text-to-speech that are embedded in application programming interfaces. Most sites have this feature, you can see it as a play button on a side of the landing page. With a little audio input, they can make an excellent speech that sounds close to human-speaking. You don’t need to download them as software because they work on HTML and have SSML editors. The only requirement is to sign up and that has a great advantage: you can save your audio without paying!

When looking for TTS on Google you find a lot of websites that offer this application. It’s very difficult to choose only one and it seems that all are the same. Well, they have the same functionality: to convert from digital text to audio format. But each one has unique attributes that make them more appropriate for specific goals. Below the picture, you will find three Free AI Voice Generators’ top list. We included Woord, Narakeet, and Micmonster. All of them have Slovenian and a lot of languages and accents.

Free AI Voice Generators With Slovenian Voices

Free Ai Voice Generators Ranking


It’s the best TTS API for listening to text from your documents, messages, presentations, scans, web pages, or notes. You can also use it for other purposes, of course! It has three genders, male, female, or neutral, more than 21 languages, and at least 50 voices. With this, we refer to accents, regional variations, or idioms. 

Using Woord you would be the most informed person in your group! You will always have the chance of hearing the news instead of losing time reading. We recommend adding the extension to your Chrome navigator and clicking on ‘speak it’ to start. Get ready to listen to the best machine voices ever!

Free AI Voice Generators With Slovenian Voices


Free AI Voice Generators With Slovenian Voices

Narakeet works better with audiovisual products but you can also make a voiceover from your PowerPoint presentation to dynamize it. This platform has a text-to-speech tool that joins slides-to-video, markdown-to-video, and automate-video-production.

It has more than 60 languages and 350 voices. You can convert Word documents with doc or doc(x) extension to audio into MP3, WAV, or M4A. Also, the voiceovers could be used for audiobooks and other applications!


Free AI Voice Generators With Slovenian Voices

The last one on this ranking is Micmonster. You can use it for anything, but we recommend it for website developers. With this AI you can modify the pitch, and the speed, add pauses and preview the result. Don’t worry about the files: they are securely stored in the cloud. 

You can choose between 40 languages and voices and also merge audio for longer articles. The voices are very natural, for each idiom you have two genders: male and female. It’s easy to use, simple to understand, and affordable if you decide to move on to a premium plan. Live your own adventure, choose what fits you best!

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