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Free Text To Speach To Help Immigrants

Since 2000, the number of people who emigrate has greatly increased. Almost 250 million people are born in a country other than their parents. This equates to an increase of 70 million since then.

That is why it can be said that populations are changing. They are no longer completely made up of people with strongly marked roots. Given this, mastering the language and schooling in the language of the country to which they arrive is a very marked problem for families that decide to settle in other countries.

Free Text To Speach To Help Immigrants

Learning the language of the country in which you are living is almost vital. Although it can take a long time. Experts say that the more you listen to the ear, the more you train and the brain begins to internalize the new content.

To speed up the process, there are many softwares that allow you to convert text to speech. That way you have a lot more content to listen to. One of them is Woord. A software that allows you to transform text to speech very quickly and online.

Using Woord is very simple, you have to enter and establish what text you want to convert into audio. It is not only a converter from text, it also converts from images using ocular character recognition technologies.

What does Woord offer?

Woord offers a large number of languages ​​such as Italian, German, Spanish, Mexican, French, Polish, Brazilian, Argentine, Chinese, Japanese, English with all its variants of USA, UK, India, Turkish, Arabic, Danish, Belgian. So it can be used by people who have moved to any continent.

If you made a new friend and you already follow him on social networks, you can also convert his post because it allows conversion of posts from instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The audios can be downloaded in MP3 format so they can be listened to as many times as necessary.

In addition, the paid version can be accessed with a monthly subscription. It can be canceled at any time of the month.

The advantage that Woord has over other online text-to-speech converters is that the voices are realistic automatically generated by artificial intelligence algorithms.

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