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Free Text To Speech Online To Add Voice To Your Vimeo Videos

If you are looking for a text text to speech online to add voice to your vimeo videos, continue reading this article. Vimeo is a video-based Internet social network launched in November 2004 by InterActiveCorp. It is an ad-free video platform based in New York City, providing free video viewing services.

The site allows digital videos to be shared and stored for users to comment on each other’s page. Users must be registered to upload videos, create their profile, upload avatars, comment and build favorites lists. Since October 2007, Vimeo offers an option for high-definition videos.

Free Text To Speech Online To Add Voice To Your Vimeo Videos

Vimeo offers simple tools for any professional, team or organization to create, manage and share high quality videos. To create more attractive Vimeo videos you can use a free text to speech online. This will make them sound more professional and with better audio quality.

There is a lot of free text to speech online. One of them is Woord. A really easy to use software. You just have to go to And then follow the steps to have the audio available in just a few seconds.

About Woord:

Woord offers a very extensive list of languages ​​that can be used. Some of them are: Filipino, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, Brazilian, Argentine, Mexican, Indian, Danish, among many others. On the other hand, kids and tenanger voices are available. Also, female, male and neutral voices.

You can listen online and if you don’t like something, tweak it and start over. It can also be downloaded and in this way it will be available forever on your PC, tablet or cell phone. In this way, the user ensures that the audio is perfect to be uploaded to the platform and that it becomes viral very quickly.

Free Text To Speech Online To Add Voice To Your Vimeo Videos

Another advantage of Woord is that you can set the speed at which the audio will be converted. You can go faster or slower depending on your preferences. This software can be used in devices with Windows or MAC oS x operating systems.

Woord also has a paid version in which unlimited characters can be converted. This technology is characterized by making voices that sound like humans through artificial intelligence. The voices are automatically generated at the moment.

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