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Free Text To Speech Online With Egyptian Voices

If you are a technology fan or have a website, you would hear talk about AI and APIs. They are the most used informatical system in our modern Internet interfaces. In this article, we would like to tell you about Free Text To Speech Online, which was created with this software.

These days, artificial intelligence is on the entire web. Many applications need AI or ML (machine learning) to accomplish their tasks. From simple things like determining how many people click on a page inside a news website to making voiceovers. We want to focus on this last implementation because it’s the most asked one.

What is a Text-To-Speech technology?

Text-To-Speech (TTS) APIs are, basically, websites that have the necessary code to -as the name indicates- convert from text to speech. That text could be a file from Word or Google Docs, a PDF, an EPub, or even an image or a link. The audio you would get will have high-definition. This means that the voices will sound human-like and very clear. You will understand everything!

Free Text To Speech Online With Egyptian Voices

There are many TTS options to choose and the majority give you a free trial. But if you want to download the audio on MP3 you have to create an account. Of all those available, we recommend a popular and cloud-based one: Woord. It has at least 20 different languages and a variety of accents and styles. Besides, you could search for Egyptian voices and you will find them for sure! English, Spanish, Portuguese and French have also diverse dialects according to the part of the world. That’s amazing! 

What Can I Do On Woord?

You can customize your voice in the Online Reader section of the page. Maybe you already see something like a demo on the landing page. But it only allows you to try writing or pasting an URL and hear a sample. If you sign up, the part of the website we mention before has a lot of features, like language and gender (male, female or neutral). Woord also has advanced options: speed and profile (audio effect applied on post synthesized text to speech). In the next image, you could see a preview of how will look if you create an account today.

Free Text To Speech Online With Egyptian Voices

With this Free Text To Speech Online tool, you will consume your favorite content anytime! Even when you are supposed to do other things, you could play it like a podcast. Woord works for commercial purposes too. You can apply it to E-learning and education, app building, informatical systems, telephony solutions (Interactive Response), quiz games, animations, video voiceovers, avatars, and narration. Woord is also used to help blind, visually impaired, or reading-problem people with their comprehension abilities. Start using it and let the voiceover improves your lifestyle!

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