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Free TTS Related With Automotive Industry

In this article you can find some tips about how the automotive industry is related with technologies as TTS.

Driving is a task that requires you to fully focus on that. Avoiding all kinds of distractions. But there are cases where the driver must take his eyes off the road to turn on the air conditioning or to choose his favorite radio.

If new technologies are used to reduce actions which require the driver to remove their sight from the street, traffic accidents would greatly decrease. Automobile manufacturers are increasingly demanding voice solutions integrated into their navigation and GPS systems.

Car´s Industry:

By combining car navigation themes with multimedia and telephone controls, drivers will have the opportunity to stay fully focused on driving. That is why the integration of TTS with the automotive industry will mark a before and after, breaking many paradigms.

Combination of 2 significant industries: 

When you think about it, TTS and cars are a perfect match. Integrating text-to-speech software into a vehicle’s system is an optimal way to make driving safer and more convenient with voice-enabled hands-free controls.

Woord is software that allows you to carry out this type of action. Convert text to audio. On the other hand, it has an API so that it can be integrated with other software. It is completely free and does not require the user to register for the conversion.

Since the software can be fully customized by the user, the driver will receive personalized audio prompts to guide them home, to work, and anywhere else they need to go. This software can also read text messages, note blogs, or even emails. Free conversions can be made by going to

About Woord:

Woord’s voices are realistic voices automatically generated by artificial intelligence algorithms. It includes male, female and also neutral voices. The user can regulate the speed of the voices. These can convert audio slower or faster.

Integrating these technologies into car navigation software reduces road accidents. The driver will be focused on the task of driving and messages, emails and other notifications will be able to be audible thanks to the implementation of TTS.

The mix of these industries will make drivers feel more comfortable when setting out on a trip. Most Automotive Technologies is a combination that requires a lot of commitment from manufacturers.

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