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Free Voices To Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are becoming more and more important. Today many households have one. And it is that with them, life is simpler. You simply tell the command to turn the light on or off and it happens instantly. Without having the need to go do it. Therefore it is much more comfortable.

It is also said that it is a way of accompanying children and adults. Children recognize it as a member of the family. Many parents set special voices for them to talk to children. Because they use it a lot.

How can they do this?

There is a very easy way which is through text to audio converters. There are many free and other paid software. Like for example Woord. It is an online software that allows you to convert text, images, web pages or even blogs into audios.

It also has female, male and neutral voices. This helps a lot as children feel as if a relative is speaking to them. With the paid subscription to Woord you get access to audios of extraordinary quality. Remember that you can unsubscribe whenever you want completely free of charge.

How is it used?

You have to enter

Enter the text you want to convert

Select voice type

The speed of it (you can speak slower or faster according to the user’s preference).

The language (more than 50 languages ​​are available)

Press the “speak” button and voila!

Conversion done

The audios can be listened to online or even downloaded. You have absolute control over everything. In fact you can select from where to start the reading. And you can also select the times you want the material to be played. Woord is available for Windows and Mac os X.

Woord is a very complete technology that allows you to download the audio in MP3 files. Its content is totally personalized. Your children will feel that the virtual assistant is really part of their family.

On the other hand, it has available conversion to languages ​​such as: Vietnamese, Arabic, Dutch, Norwegian. Be sure to try Woord. The best free text to speech converter on the market.

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