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Here Is The Best Free TTS To Use In Video Games

The listening experience has always been highly related to video games. That is why digital audio advertising finds its place in it quite naturally, since it represents a non-aggressive way to reach gamers with a brand message. In fact, gamers have always been used to immersing themselves in an immersive acoustic environment.

The idea of ​​introducing audio advertising in the video game mainly in an in-app context (within the application) can be considered as “new”. But it seems that it has been installed quickly and has convinced both gamers and advertisers.

Advertising for digital audio in video games offers another great advantage: it allows us to hit a particularly difficult target outside of video games, young adults belonging to the so-called generation Z. Who are considered a more difficult target to reach. This is a more sophisticated audience. With which, thanks to mobile video games, you can get there in a much more direct way.

To get to introduce audio advertising into video games, the audios have to be recorded beforehand. Therefore, to avoid having to record it many times due to repeated mistakes or forgetfulness, it is recommended to use a text-to-speech converter.

One of the most recognized is Woord. Which automatically converts the text that is entered into speech. This can be done thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms. The voices are very realistic. And within its specifications you can regulate the conversational speed at which to convert the audio.

About Woord:

Woord is a SaaS (software as a service) where the user is charged a monthly subscription or it can also be annual. On the other hand, there is also a free version. No registration is necessary with it and up to 10,000 characters can be converted for free.


One of the main advantages of Woord is that the user can select from which part of the text or document he will start converting the audio. Another is that female and male voices are available. Also neutral voices if you want to communicate something in a more inclusive way.

The files can be downloaded in MP3 format. Also, Woord has an extension that can be installed in Google Chrome.

Any device that has Windows or Mac Os X can use Woord, be it cell phones, tablets or computers.

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