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How To Add Voices To Video Games?

With this article you can learn how to add voices to video games. Exist some free TTS that can help you. Video games are electronic games in which one or more people are connected through a controller. Using a device that displays video images. These types of devices can be computers, tablets, cell phones or the famous and well-known game consoles.

The controller or command is identified as an input device and is what is used to manipulate the video game. It is what is used as “buttons”, control plates or “joystick”. But on the other hand, as a result of new technologies, the user can use a keyboard and a mouse simultaneously.

The World of videogames

Video games generally make use of other ways, apart from the image, to provide interactivity and information to the player. Audio is a very important element for the development of the game. Sound reproduction devices such as speakers and headphones are used.

That is why text-to-speech-style software can be used to improve the listening phase. Woord is one of them. On the other hand, it has APIS so that it can be integrated into all kinds of software. Woord also has an extension to be used in Google Chrome.

With Woord users can select a large number of languages ​​to use. Some of them are: Japanese, Canadian, French, German, Danish, Mexican, Italian, Spanish, and English. Among many others. The video game industry is one of the main ones in the world of art and entertainment.

With Woord you access:

With the free version of Woord you can convert up to 10,000 free characters per month. Neutral voices are available. They fit very well with most video games. Although also voices of women and men. On the other hand, if the video game is going to be destined for the smallest of the household, there is a list of voices of children and also of adolescents.

On the other hand, using Woord the audios can be listened to online as many times as necessary. And if the user wishes, it can be downloaded. This is an excellent differential, as it allows you to have the file in Mp3 format to be used whenever and wherever you want.

Woord allows you to set the speed at which the voice speaks. If faster or slower. This can be configured in each conversion. So each one is totally unique.

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