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How to Find Voices To Make Google Slides Successful?

Every time students and workers are required more about excellence when they are making a presentation, it must be perfect and without mistakes. Therefore if you get nervous or exceed the stipulated time, you can be left out of an important job or have a subject failed.

Sometimes, for university assignments, or work presentations it is necessary to give them a voice. This helps us regulate the time, one does not get nervous and it is previously agreed what is going to be said. Also, hesitant voices that may seem that what one wants to communicate is not 100% true are avoided.

An uniform, calm, and slow voice will make the presentation successful. This is because the listener has to pay attention to the content and manage to focus on it. Being able in this way to understand perfectly what it is that you are trying to communicate.

Some time  ago this was clearly unthinkable, the person always ended up exposed. Now, thanks to the advancement of technology, there are some softwares that allow your presentations and exhibitions to have a voice and the person does not get involved with their appearance.

How is it possible? is software that allows you to convert your written text to audio. The user can choose the type of voice, either male or female. Also the speed at which it speaks and offers a list of languages ​​from almost every country in the world. The voice has a remarkable quality. Since it closely resembles realism.

Woord is free software for Microsoft and Mac OS X. But you can also access the paid version of it which allows you to convert the amount you want from text to audios in a much wider list of languages. In turn, a library of exclusive voices is accessed.

How access?

-I t is very simple, you just have to enter

– A box will appear like the one shown in the image

– Enter the text you want to convert to audio

– Select the type of voice you want (female or male)

– Speed (you can select if it speak faster or slowler)

– Language (there are more than 60 varieties)

And the audio will immediately be available to be used in any presentation. You can listen online and if something you don’t like, modify it and start over. It can also be downloaded and in this way it will be available forever on your PC, tablet or cell phone.

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