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How To Help Immigrants With TTS

In this article you can find key tools to make immigration a much more bearable and realize that as a simple process. A large number of them in search of a better quality of life. Leaving family and friends in their countries of origin but convinced that emigrating to another country would be the best decision they could make.

The number of people who emigrate grows year by year. Despite the difficulties that this entails. Language can often be a barrier. Learning a new language can take too long. Even for more than being living in that country. Since it requires a lot of practice.

For many families, language can be an impediment when emigrating. That is why they decide not to. Although currently thanks to the advancement of technology there are many tools that allow you to convert an audio in just a few seconds and for free.

How To Help Immigrants With TTS

How does it works?

Text-to-speech technology is software that takes text as input and produces audible speech as output. In other words, it goes from text to speech, making TTS one of the most successful technologies of the digital revolution. A TTS system includes software that predicts the best possible pronunciation of any given text.

Woord is one of them, an online software that can be used by anyone. These tools allow the user to enter the text or an image and convert it to speech. It also reads websites, blogs, messages, notes, text files and in PDF format.

This tts is totally free. There is also a paid version. With which through a monthly subscription access to convert characters in an unlimited way. The subscription can be paid through electronic means such as credit or debit cards. It is also now available to do it through Pay Pal.

About Woord

How To Help Immigrants With TTS

The voices are of a truly amazing quality. They are made through artificial intelligence algorithms. Among the languages ​​to which they can be converted are: Chinese, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Brazilian, Mexican, Japanese. Among many others.

On the other hand, the user can choose what type of voice to use: female or male. There are also neutral voices and voices of children and adolescents. With Woord the life of the immigrant is much simpler. And language will no longer be an impediment when looking for a new country.

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