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How To Increase Your Brand With Voices For Free?

Brands have to be recognized by the consumer in a simple way. The more they identify and recognize it, the more purchases they will make. This is for the trademark association. Not only from the visual point of view, but also for the values, beliefs and sounds that the brand communicates.

Using the same voice for everyone and for all the platforms on which it is present will make it easier for the user to recognize it. If a person is in China or Mexico, despite the language, they should be able to recognize the voice of the brand and, thanks to that, generate a greater purchase intention.

How to do this?

There are various text-to-speech converters. Some free and some paid. One of them is Woord who helps entrepreneurs to create the voice of their brand to be unique. It also provides natural sounding and speaking speed with the help of real-time speech synthesis.

Taking these details into account when establishing a new brand or even developing communication strategies with existing brands is very important. So the public will feel that the brand is present all over the world.

Woord allows you to convert from text to audio in just a few seconds. It has a large number of languages ​​available so if your brand is present in several it will be of great help. Some of them are: Chinese, Japanese, English, Indian, Brazilian, German, French, Argentinian, Spanish and Italian.

Advantages of Woord

One of the main advantages of Woord, the TTS, is that they have female, male and neutral voices available. Also voices of children and adolescents. The sounds are really very natural. That is why it seems that a real person is speaking to you.

With Woord, audios are converted instantly thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms. It has users all over the world. On the other hand, you don’t need to be registered to use Woord.

It is available to be used in devices of all kinds. Such as cell phones, tablets, computers. There is also an extension to Google Chrome and an API to be integrated with other software. Thanks to these technologies, your brand will be recognized in all parts of the world in the same way.

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