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How To Provide An Excellent Phone Experience Using Free Tts

When a customer wants to communicate with a service provider, the last thing they want is a clean sound. That is why it is important for the company to set up an interactive voice response system.

Text-to-speech can be used to deliver personalized messages that the caller can interact with and can generate words from a customer’s records that are read in a friendly and professional voice.

The customer always first:

The more convenient and meaningful the customer experience, the better, and this new text-to-speech technology is one step toward achieving this. Even calling a customer by name can go a long way toward gaining their trust.

That’s why text-to-speech software has proven to be an incredibly useful tool in telephony. One of them is Woord, a 100% online software.

How to access?

Entering to Woord is really very simple.

  • Enter in the search engine of your browser:
  • Introduce the text that you want to be converted (it can also be images, blogs, news, messages, text documents, pdf).
  • Select what type of voice you want to speak to you (it can be male, female or neutral).
  • Choose the language (it can be English, Indian, Russian, Danish, French, Mexican, Argentine, Brazilian, Spanish, Italian, and many more).
  • Then the user must set the speed of the same.
  • Press on SPEAK IT.

Ready file available to be listened to as many times as you want!

In just a few seconds and after having carried out a few simple steps, you have the converted file. It can be used as many times as you want. It can be downloaded as it is an MP3 type audio file.

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What does Woord do?

Woord generates natural voices automatically thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms. This makes it different from the competition. On the other hand, with the free version that Woord offers, up to 10,000 characters can be converted in a month.

The user can select from which part of the document, image or text begins to convert. Implement these new TTS technologies in your company and you will realize how grateful customers will be that they do not have to wait listening to silence.

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