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How To Read Aloud BookBub Stories Using AI Voice Generators

What would you do if you really wanted to finish reading a book with an amazing plot but you have to work all weekend? In this article, we tell you how can you know what happens in your BookBub story by hearing. Yes, you read it right! Use AI Voice Generators that read aloud the content for you.

But what is BookBub in the first instance? It’s a service that helps millions of readers to discover the books they love or will be enchanted with, spending less time searching. If you get an account, you will have access not only to books and deals but recommendations of the expert editorial team. Also, you can check new releases and preorders from your favorite authors and see what your friends are into. Like Wattpad and Goodreads, it’s online and free. 

This site allows two formats of books: Ebook and kindle. Do you know that has an index with more than 300 authors? And over 1,000 titles! You don’t have to pay anything at all because it warns you about sales and discounts for bestsellers to less common ones. The only thing you need to do is select the categories and set notifications. You will receive an alarm every time a book fits your interests.

How To Read Aloud BookBub Stories Using AI Voice Generators

All these features are great but don’t tell us what to do in certain situations. For example, when we found the perfect book and have no time to read it. In fact, to do it we will need another platform. One that allows BoobBub to ‘read aloud’ itself. It may sound crazy but nowadays there are so many AI Voice Generators, like Woord, that can do it for you. 

Imagine a kind, good-looking lady (or gentleman), a library attendant who is reading you the story while you clean the house. Or like you would be remembering the voice of your grandma reading you ‘Harry Potter’ at bedtime. You can create -or recreate- that soft voice using artificial intelligence. And this is as simple as copying a link and pasting it into on a website. We are talking about the Online Reader


How To Read Aloud BookBub Stories Using AI Voice Generators

Then, you can modify a lot of things like the language, the gender, some accents, the pitch, and the speed. The audio voice will be costumed to fit all your requirements. Once you have your audiobook ready, you can download it as MP3 audio and listen when you want.

Or, if you are in your house, doing your duties, and have WIFI, you would embed the API into the BookBub website. These AI Voice Generators are so realistic that you wouldn’t notice that are machine speaking! Try Woord for free: create an account and start enjoying your readings in a multitasker way.    

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