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How To Read Aloud Quora Content Using AI Voice

Do you want to know what’s going on in Quora but you are too busy to see the screen? Luckily, there is a way to stay in touch with your colleagues and friends and talk about knowledge. In this article, we are going to share how an AI Voice can read aloud interesting content for you.

Quora is an online platform on which you can search for things you don’t know or understand and find some answers. The project idea is to connect people who need specific information with the ones who had it. These people really comprehend the matters and had first-hand data. In this way, a person who wants to know about climate change will have different replies to approach this fact from scientists or advocates.    

The meaning of Quora is ‘question’. If you sign up for free you could see questions about things that affect the world, that explain the news or guide important life choices. The responses will provide you with insights and diverse perspectives. If you know something more about a question, you can also write and publish your opinion and the sources you use.  

How To Read Aloud Quora Content Using AI Voice

If you already have an account but are too occupied to look for the information you may consider  using an AI Voice API like Woord. In simple words, it’s like another person would Read Aloud the content of an article. But there isn’t a person, it’s a learning machine that sounds like a human!

That’s the potential of this wonderful platform! The speech hears natural and cristal clear. You can choose between 20 and 50 languages and some of them even have distinct accents. This is the case of English, which has the British, American, Canadian, and Australian versions. 

But that’s not all. You can change the gender if you are more comfortable with a female or male voice. It’s also neutral available. Would you like to change the sctructure, the rhytm of speaking, the speed? It’s possible too!

How To Read Aloud Quora Content Using AI Voice

This AI is very easy, you will get it at a twink. Search for on Google, sign up for free, and try some words on the demo of the landing page. Then, if you are glad about this sample, you can move to Online Reader and insert the link to your Quora account. In this way, you can download the audio on MP3. You would hear it when you want, without the Internet, as a Spotify saved podcast. 

We recommend you add the Chrome extension if you are used to revising the app with a WIFI connection. Using Woord you can do other things while enjoying a good piece of info. What’s best than being informed? Sign up for free and if you need more features, you could see the pricing for premium plans here.

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