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How To Turn Your EPUB Into Audio

Sometimes, reading on public transport or in a public place can be really difficult since it may damage your sight. Here, we explain you how to access audiobooks without paying by using a text-to-speech tool

With the high amount of technology that surrounds us, even reading has changed through the years. Now, instead of carrying a heavy book to every place you go, you can just carry an electronic device that contains thousands of books. However, it can not always be easy to use these types of technology. They can really damage your sight or you might not have a comfortable place to just sit and read, among other things.

Because of this, it can be always useful to have an audiobook at your reach so you can experience stories in a different way. Listening to books is as magical as reading them, and it can expand your imagination in a way you have never experienced before. However, it can be hard to access audiobooks, since most of them are expensive and not all books have their audio format.

Nevertheless, you can always create your own audiobook. And no, we don’t mean you have to record yourself reading the book for then listen to yourself. We are talking about using a text-to-speech (TTS) tool that allows you to turn your epub into audio with just a few simple steps. A TTS uses assistive technology to transform any text you need into audio. This is very useful to a lot of things, and it’s perfect for making an audiobook.

How To Use A TTS

To explain this better, we will use Woord, which is a free TTS and one of the best ones at the moment. Woord offers several amazing features, such as a wide language list, voices in male, female, and gender-neutral genders, and a speed editor, among many more. It is also possible to convert a photo, scan, or paper into audio; it does not have to be written text.

To get the audio, you need to:

1. Go to and select “Online reader,” or download the Chrome extension to your computer.

2. On the whiteboard, write your text, then choose the gender, language, speed, and format.

3. When finished, click ‘Speak It’ and double-check that everything is in order.

4. Once you’re happy with the result, save it to your computer.

And that’s it! You now have an audiobook totally free.

Benefits of Woord

This simple program transforms your work into a stunning speech with realistic female and male voices. It is suitable for users, youngsters learning to read, e-learning, lectures, YouTube videos, Tiktok, Instagram, Twitch, and Facebook, as well as improving the accessibility of a website.

If you pay for a membership, your experience will be enhanced, and you will be able to convert as many texts as you want at any time. You’ll have access to a private audio collection as well as high-quality audio.

Woord is accessible for both Windows and Mac OS X and can read a wide range of files, including webpages, blogs, text files, PDF documents, and ePub files.

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