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How To Turn Your Wattpad Stories Into Audiobooks

Have you ever tried to read a Wattpad story but you don’t have time? Do you have a Wattpad novel and want to turn it into Audiobooks? In this article, we are going to tell you, little by little, what you need to know to do it successfully!

If you enjoy reading, surely you hear about Wattpad because is the best platform for writers and readers. It works both: as a website and as an Android app. Everyone can sign up and read for free! You can follow your favorite authors, save the books you like, comment about them and also share your unique story. It could be fanfiction or unpublished novels, which suit you better. 

You have a lot of resources that will help you write and also connect with other people with the same interest. Its technology allows you to build a fan community and, of course, read all that you can. But, if you are a very busy person you might have only a few minutes to read per day.

How To Turn Your Wattpad Stories Into Audiobooks

Text-to-Speech APIs can solve this problem: with Audiobooks, you will hear stories on the way to work, while you’re cooking, or anytime! Also, if you are a writer this AI can allow you to convert a large document into an hour or two of speech. You could do it by chapters, for example. And that will create a bit of suspense in what you’re posting and improve your readership at the same time.

How To Turn Your Wattpad Stories Into Audiobooks

How can you do it? It’s very simple! You could use Woord, a fantastic TTS software that doesn’t need any download or installation. Go to to create an account and you will immediately start. If you have your text on Google Docs you can copy and paste the link on the landing page bar. 

Another option is to try the Online Reader and upload the document on it. It could be in a pdf, epub, txt, doc, doc(x), or pages format.  Or you can embed the Chrome extension, it’s very useful!. But you will have a limitation of 20,000 characters, only for a free trial so you can test the AI. If you need more, you can consult the premium plans. Don’t worry! They are affordable and have many features. 

With Woord the speech your readers hear will be of the best quality, like an experienced storyteller reading at laud or a thematic podcast. Besides, you can custom it as you like. The platform allows you to choose over 50 languages and voices, male, female or neutral gender, accents, pace, structure and so much more. Your Audiobooks will be available to download as MP3. We strongly recommend you test Woord!

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