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How To Use Text To Speech For Learning Turkish Accents?

It can be difficult to comprehend some accents and adapt them to your own voice when you first begin learning a language. Here we’ll explain how to use a text-to-speech program to improve your Turkish. 

There are three major Anatolian Turkish dialect groups spoken in Turkey: the West Anatolian dialect (roughly to the west of the Euphrates), the East Anatolian dialect (to the east of the Euphrates), and the North East Anatolian group, which comprises the dialects of the Eastern Black Sea coast, such as Trabzon, Rize, and the littoral districts of Artvin.

How To Use Text To Speech For Learning Turkish Accents?

So, if you’re interested in learning Turkish but need some extra help with the various accents, a text-to-speech (TTS) application could come in handy. Any text can be converted to audio with this software, which uses assistive technology. Hearing the same sentence with different accents when learning a new language can influence the way you speak that language.

We’ll go through everything again so you understand how to use this tool. To begin, you should be aware that there are numerous TTS available online, and it is practically difficult to try all of them until you find what you’re searching for. As a result, we’ve selected Woord, which we believe is the greatest tool for learning dialects.

Why Woord?

Woord is a free online TTS that offers a variety of useful functions. It’s available in over 50 languages, including several different dialects of English, Portuguese, Spanish, and more. You can also select from male, female, or gender-neutral voices. All of these features, as well as all of the languages, are included in the basic plan, allowing you to test the service before investing in the premium version. Professional voices, a chrome plugin, an SSML editor, and an MP3 download are all included in the free edition, which includes up to 20.000 characters every month. You may change the tempo and structure of the voices in this program because they are real.

How To Use Text To Speech For Learning Turkish Accents?

With this tool, you may turn your Turkish writing into professional speaking by using Woord. It’s great for e-learning, PowerPoint or PowerPoint presentations, YouTube videos, and making your website more visually accessible to persons with disabilities.

As a result, this service might assist you in improving your listening, speaking, and pronouncing capabilities.

How does it work?

1- In whatever format you desire, write or upload the content you want to convert to speech (it can be an image, PDF, text file, blog, or a variety of other formats).

2- Select the language (Turkish in this example), voice gender (male, female, or neutral), and speed. (From within the PDF, you can also choose where to begin playing.)

3- You can listen to or download your audio recording as an MP3 file online.

If you want to have a look at Woord’s Chrome Extension, click here.

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