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Introducing AI-powered Text-to-Speech For Audio Guides

In this article, we talk about the most important aspects of a text-to-speech AI that can help you build audio guides for your museum or travel company. What is an audio guide? How is it related to AI and TTS solutions? Which is the best way to use them? We will answer all these questions in the following paragraphs! 

If you work as a travel guide, in an art gallery, or in a museum, you should know that sometimes it’s better to include an audio guide. These kinds of electronic devices are pieces of audio that make the work of a regular guide but from an app on your smartphone. Some places also have a little gadget, like an MP3 player, that they rent you for a lower price. Or you can download them from the official website. By using them, you can hear an explanation of what you see with your earphones. 

Audio Voices

In a few words, audio guides provide the visitor with valuable information about a painting, a historical building, or any city’s location. Knowing the context is very important to comprehending art or history. They can tell you some color data, relevant situations, technical details, or even narrate dramatizations. What is best about audio guides is that the person has the liberty of choosing where to start. As a consequence, there is no need for an attendant or any human guidance.   

Audio Guides have been on the market for a long time. They became popular in 1952 when the director of an Amsterdam museum had the idea of improving visitors’ experience. People started to use them more with the pandemic. With the museums closed and the lockdown prohibition, they can’t physically walk through a city or an art show. So, some institutions upload a voiceover to their websites, where they publish their famous expositions. 

But, how can these audio guides be made?

Well, you can record the information in a studio with the voice of an actor or an employee but it will cost you a lot of money. And you can get them for free! How? You could use an Artificial Intelligence voice that allows you to say what you want with machine learning speaker. They are very popular nowadays and you will find a lot of useful software that provides them. 

Among all of them, we recommend you choose a text-to-speech tool. With a powerful and accurate coding system, this technology can easily translate any piece of text into audio. You can transform the same guide into several languages and add voices and accents. It is as simple as playing a button, setting some commands, and hearing the result. AI developments allow TTS technology to imitate the human voice to the point of not noticing the difference!  

In conclusion, if you want to try a text to speech online to make your audio guides professionally and save your budget, you should try Woord. With this powerful solution, you can create high-quality voices in seconds, at a fraction of the cost. Choose the language you need -or more than one!- and customize it according to your goals. You can build your stories from any type of text uploaded in PDFs, web pages, books, and more! 

The best way to apply the goods of AI text to speech option is to create a free account on Woord. Making audio guides for attractions, museums, travel, and sightseeing has never been as easy! 

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