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Learn French Using Text To Speech Software

If you’d love to learn French or practice what you already know, we’re about to give you some recommendations that’ll change your learning experience!

We all wish we had the time to learn a new, interesting language. Maybe we want to practice our listening skills, trying to hold onto what we learned in highschool. However, sometimes life gets in the way and we just don’t have enough time to sit down and study. Maybe you think that the available videos are boring or speak too fast. 

Text to Speech Software is a great ally in the language learning battle. You can just upload whichever article you’re interested in, choose a speed that’s appropriate for your level, and start listening.  If you want to practice your pronunciation, you can even repeat it out loud. 

Learn French Using Text To Speech Software

Which TTS Should I Use?

There are a few text to speech softwares that’ll do the job, but in our opinion the best one is Woord, since it allows for audio download, speed adjustment, and even offers different accents (french and french canadian)

Why Woord?

The Woord Online Reader is a one-of-a-kind artificial intelligence (AI) software solution for text-to-speech and other AI-powered applications. With a premium subscription, you can listen to up to 30 thousand characters of audio.

Woord is the most advanced text-to-speech web technology available, with users being able to save and download MP3 audio files.

When converting text to voice, you can choose from a variety of profile settings. For example, your material will be customized for car speakers, smartphones, and other smart devices. You can also organize your audio recordings into various projects. 

Learn French Using Text To Speech Software

How To Use Woord

1- First, search for something or upload a file using the platform’s search box.

2- Decide on an acceptable speaking rate for you.

3- Select a starting point for your reading.

4- Listen to your audio right online or save it as an MP3 file.

How much does Woord cost?

It is completely FREE up to 2 audios per month. After that, $24.99 per month for 50 audios or $99.99 per month for unlimited audios.

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