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New Technologies For Google Classroom

From one day to the next and without prior notice, the pandemic arrived and as a result many things had to change. As is the case with education. Google Classroom became very important and it does not stop being so. Increasingly educational centers use this type of technological tools around the world.

Sometimes children complain that doing homework online or using the computer is not to their liking. For this reason, many teachers spend a lot  of time looking for new tools to incorporate into their work dynamics to make homework more enjoyable and joyful for children.

This is often difficult, especially for kindergarden children. They are very little and technology does not attract much attention. Listening to a story with a sweet and pleasant voice is what they like most. But there are few stories that are complete and available in audio to be able to upload to Google Classroom or they simply do not go according to the topic that is being discussed in the class.

Thanks to technology, the task for teachers is now easier. There are software that allows you to convert text to audio. Although there are also some more advanced technologies that recognize images and transfer them to audio. All of this can be done online, in just a few seconds.

An example is Woord, a platform that allows these conversations to be carried out in more than 60 languages. A very varied list of different types of voices is available. In addition, the speed at which he speaks can be regulated.

About Woord

With the free version access conversions of up to 10,000 characters per month. The audios can be downloaded in Mp3 format or listened to online. It can be used on both Windows and MAC OS X.

On the other hand, it will help teachers and educators from all over the world because it has conversions to languages ​​from all over the world such as Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Danish, Brazilian, Argentine, French, Spanish, Italian, among many others.

Using Woord to create children’s tasks will be extremely usefull , as the voices will have excellent quality, it sounds really similar to a natural human voice. In this way, young children will be able to enjoy endless entertaining stories that are compatible with the didactics contents that are carried in the classes.

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