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Text To Speech For Maps Applications

Maps applications became widely used by people. They serve to guide you from one place to another. You can select if you want to go by private or public transport, walking or cycling. And thanks to the algorithms they show you the route that best suits you. In addition, thanks to their user interfaces they allow you to select the departure time and stipulate the travel time.

That is why they are an essential tool for many people’s daily lives. These technologies make everyday life easier. A few years later these tools were not thought of. So it was almost impossible to stipulate the time of arrival at a place.

Every day more are available. That allow you to download the maps to have them available even in places where there is no data connection. Maps Me is very feature on that.

Drivers use these applications because it allows them to be focused on the traffic while a voice is speaking to them and guiding them along the path they have to take to reach their destination. There are various text-to-audio converters that allow you to select the voice that the driver likes best to listen to.

How is this?

They are softwares that allow you to enter text, images or PDF files and in just a few seconds the audio will be ready. Thanks to this, many drivers can set their applications to hear the voice that they like best.

Woord is a totally free TTS that converts text into voices with incredible quality thanks to the artificial intelligence of the algorithms. On the other hand, it has a wide number of languages ​​available to use such as: English in all its varieties such as (USA, UK), French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Mexican, Argentine, Canadian, Japanese, among many others.

Additionally, Woord has male and female voices available. This is why drivers are very comfortable using Woord. Since they can customize all their content. Finally the user can set the conversion speed.

How to access?

1. Entering Woord is really very simple: you just have to enter in your favorite search engine.

2. Enter the text you want to convert

3. The speed of it

4. Select the language

5. Choose the type of voice (if feminine, masculine or neutral).

6.Click on “SPEACK IT”

There is also a paid Woord subscription. In which the user can access unlimited character conversion. Do not forget that the subscription can be canceled at any time and you can pay by debit, credit or pay pal.

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