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Text To Speech Softwares With Indonesian Accent

Sometimes, we need to use clever tools for improving the user experience of our potential clients. That’s how marketing works, right? In this article, you will find some of the best Text-To-Speech Software to make audio from text with a certain accent, like Indonesian.

Imagine that you are one of your website visitors and want to make a travel to this beautiful island country. But you don’t know anything about the language or the culture and will feel much better if you can do some research on the native idiom. Maybe you will find some sites in Bahasa Indonesian, the official tongue. Although you surely would prefer to read -or much better: to hear- the content you use to search for in this new language.

 Thinking as your future buyer, you can easily set up a strategy to improve your reach. That’s why we would like to tell you some important issues about Text-To-Speech. This relatively new and growing technology is an API. This means that works online, in an interface that allows converting text into audio with a few simple commands.

Text To Speech Softwares With Indonesian Accent


Also, TTS works with artificial technology, so the voices you will hear are created by machine learning codes. But they don’t sound like robots, it’s the opposite. Modern developers had made human-like speakers, and is very difficult to realize that they aren’t real people!  

To continue, we want to make a quick top 3 list of the best text-to-speech free software you might use. All of them have a place on their landing page where you can write some words and try samples of voices. If you are happy with any of them, you can get better results with your website traffic right now! We introduce Woord, AiVOOV, and Responsive Voice to you in the next paragraphs.

Text To Speech Softwares With Indonesian Accent


The best features of Woord are three: the variety of languages you can choose, the accents for the ones which are spoken in different places, and the quality of the audios you can save. It has more than one gender or voice and many options to custom it. You will need an account and some time to give it a try. Your followers would be pleased when they hear your content in Indonesian!


Text To Speech Softwares With Indonesian Accent

Ai Voice Over is the full name of this AI which has more than 80 languages available. For Indonesian, you will find 6 accents, 3 male and 3 female, to personalize your voices. They sound natural because the best industry voice providers built them. You will need to sign up to download your audio MP3 or WAV.

Text To Speech Softwares With Indonesian Accent

Responsive Voice

The last one is Responsive Voice, a very intuitive API where you can write some lines and select a voice over more than 50 languages. You will have two gender options per idiom. This text-to-speech platform is designed for non-commercial use but you can also get paid features for business.  

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