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Top 3 Online Tools To Help You Study Better

Everyone knows that studying is not always easy and that sometimes we don’t get the results we expect. We get exhausted from trying over and over again and failure lowers our self-esteem. However, when we succeed, it’s like the hardships never happened in the first place.

This is why it’s important to experience different ways of learning, so we can know how our mind works and when does it retain better the information we receive. When we understand ourselves better, we can adapt our form of learning and pass every test we have.

To help you with that, we made a list of the three best online tools to help you study better:

Top 3 Online Tools To Help You Study Better

1. Woord

Nowadays, with how fast our lives go and with the high amount of things we have to do at the same time, Woord it’s probably the tool that’s gonna save all of your academic years. 

Woord it’s an online and free software that brings voice to any text we want. With this website, you can hear over and over again the thing you want to remember and it will help you to retain the information better. There is a large list of languages and voices, so you’ll have no problem with your Spanish or history homework. It’s also of use for every person, regardless of their age or gender. 

The best part is that it’s really easy to use. You just enter, type your phrase, choose the gender, language, and voice, and press Speak it. You are also free to repeat the audio as many times as you like and you can download it too, so you can listen to it while you do other things like traveling, cooking, showering, whatever you can think about!

Top 3 Online Tools To Help You Study Better

Also, if you pay the subscription, the experience expands and you get to convert all the texts that you need anytime you like. You also get access to high-quality audio and a private audio library. 

2. Quizlet

On this site, you provide the information and Quizlet gives you the study tools.  The website will create flashcards, quizzes, practice exams, matching games, and even auditory tools based on the set. Quizlet also provides a free app for learning on the move and studying even when you’re not connected to the internet. This adaptable tool is also available on a variety of devices, making it ideal for learning on the road.

Scatter and Space Race are two games that allow you to understand the topic while having fun. Scatter allows users to easily move definitions or information to their relevant equivalents, clearing the screen. In Space Race, you must enter the proper word or phrase connected with it before it touches the ground.

3. Evernote

Studying can take place on a variety of platforms, but with Evernote, you can save all of your notes, information, and research in one location. This site can sync your information between computers and phones, share with other users, collect web clips, and create everything from one central platform, making it an excellent organizing tool.

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