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Top Text To Speech Tool For Promo Videos Audios

Promotional videos are a great way to comment on or launch a new product, or to introduce a service. They are often used to launch a campaign or to capture a specific target group. Even if they have a voice-over in the background they are much more popular.

Images are usually used to explain the objective and get our message across in a simpler and much more efficient way. In addition, if the purpose is commercial, video is the right resource.

This type of promotional video can be of many types. Also, they can be used for different purposes, a spot for a website, a promotional video. This videos can be generated in different ways and with different techniques. Sometimes a person can be filmed or sometimes no.

Top Text To Speech Tool For Promo Videos Audios

The aim is that the videos capture the full attention of the audience. You also need to be creative and implement audiovisual creations that generate interest in your products and improve trust in your services. The best way to generate audio for these pieces is by using a text-to-audio converter. It is a simple and effective way to do this.


Is an example of text-to-speech software. Its advantage is that the voices are 100% realistic. Generated by artificial intelligence algorithms automatically.

How does it work?

The model that Woord carries out is SaaS (software as a service) where the client is charged an annual or monthly subscription for use.

Very easy to use:

This TTS allows you to listen to the audio as many times as necessary. In addition, the user can download the files and have them available to listen to when needed. These are downloaded in PDF format. Converting text to audio with Woord is simple and straightforward

Top Text To Speech Tool For Promo Videos Audios

The paid version can be canceled at any time. On the other hand, the monthly subscription can be paid with debit cards, credit or even Pay Pal.

Languages ​​offered by Woord:

Woord can be used for audio systems in various countries. This is so because it includes languages ​​such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Dutch, Norwegian, among others.

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