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TTS To Make Audios For Call Centers

The Call Center is a center where calls are received. It is therefore an office or location within a company whose function is to be in contact with its clients, in an efficient, fast, personalized and quality way, since its main function is to provide assistance remotely and carry out any action that the client requires.

The system that it uses both to receive and to send is telephones. It is the only system you use to communicate with your potential and repeat customers. These call systems are of the highest technology and all telephones are connected to a switchboard that is in charge of directing calls to available workers and putting them on pause when everyone is busy.

Central Points:

Customer service is one of the main areas of the call center. One of its functions is to serve the client or potential client, to clarify any doubts or questions they may have based on the products and services that the company offers.

TTS To Make Audios For Call Centers

That is why when customers make the call, the first thing they hear is an armed speech. To make it easier for companies to change it, they can use a TTS. This is a text to audio converter. This will allow you to customize and change in a more dynamic and periodic way the audios that clients hear when they call companies.

There are various online text-to-speech converters. One of them is Woord. The software is really easy to use. You just have to go to And then follow the steps to have the audio available in just a few seconds.

Woord offers a very extensive list of languages ​​that can be used. Some of them are Filipino, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, Brazilian, Argentine, Mexican, Indian, Danish, among many others. On the other hand, female, male and neutral voices are available. In addition, it has the voices of children and adolescents.

Advantages of Woord:

You can set the speed at which the audio will be converted. You can go faster or slower depending on your preferences. This software can be used in devices with Windows or MAC oS x operating systems.

TTS To Make Audios For Call Centers

Woord also has a paid version in which unlimited characters can be converted. This technology is characterized by making voices that sound like humans through artificial intelligence. What algorithms do.

In this way, the questions that customers will hear when they come to the company will be dynamic and for the company to carry them out will be very easy.

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