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Use Free TTS For Method Education

If you want to know how to include TTS in education, read this article. The most classic methods of teaching reading are based on developing the ability to decode and establish the connection between sounds and letters. For hundreds of students these methods are not effective as everyone learns in different ways.

Decoding can be difficult and detract from understanding the actual content of what is being read. A great risk in these situations is that the student becomes frustrated and considers reading a difficult task. When this happens, the love of reading never develops and the person stops choosing books to relax in later life.

Text to speech is an usefull tool for education . Listening facilitates the internalization of knowledge by the student.

Use Free TTS For Method Education

When it first appeared in educational circles as a teaching tool, many people felt that using educational text-to-speech technology to help children who have a more visual way of learning was something of a trap. More like a crutch.

Fortunately, as teaching methods evolve and technology fully merges in learning and teaching, TTS is becoming more common in today’s classrooms.

Woord is a software that reads text aloud while students can follow the text with their eyes, in this way knowledge is acquired and is penetrating the brain. It is proving to be an invaluable tool in helping students improve results and stay motivated.

How does it work?

Woord is very easy to use, you just have to go to, select what type of voice you want (whether female or male), the speed at which you want it to read, the language, then click on speak and that’s it. The audio will now be available to listen to online or to download and play as many times as you want.

Use Free TTS For Method Education

On the other hand, this system has a paid version and a free version. Although both offer a number of more than 50 voices available to convert it. Languages ​​can vary between male and female voices. The voices are truly human-like and with a stunning quality.

With the free version access conversions of up to 10,000 characters per month. The audios can be downloaded in Mp3 format or listened to online. It can be used on both Windows and MAC OS X.

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