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Use Text To Speech Online To Add Voices To Motion Graphics

A motion graphic means that it is a digital video or animation. This allows the illusion of movement to be created through images, photographs, letters, titles, colors, and designs. That is a combined form gives rise to a video. That is why in this article we provide information on how to generate audio for these videos.

This type of video is often used for advertising purposes. In addition, another very frequent use is for corporate videos of the company; demonstration of content post audiovisual production. Also for interactive presentations and some events.

The motion graphic is given the movement, it creates 3D illusions. It is usually done in a rectangular landscape form. The elements present do not necessarily have to move and change space to be able to call it Motion Graphic. If it enlarges, disappears, or changes color it is also a motion graphic style.

Vector elements, bitmaps, audio, and video clips are used in this type of content. If you are looking for alternatives to generate audio for these videos you can use a text to audio converter. In just a few seconds you will have the audio ready to use for motion graphic pieces.

Use Text To Speech Online To Add Voices To Motion Graphics

How Does it Work?

They are pieces of software that enable you to insert text, photos, or PDF files and produce the audio available in a matter of moments. Woord is a totally free text-to-speech (TTS) program that uses artificial intelligence to turn text into high-quality voices. On the other hand, it supports a large range of languages, including English in all of its forms (USA, UK), French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Mexican, Argentine, Canadian, and Japanese, to name a few.

Additionally, Woord has available the voices of women and men. That’s the reason why people are very comfortable working with Woord. Considering they can customize all their content. Definitely, the user can set the conversion speed.

Use Text To Speech Online To Add Voices To Motion Graphics

How to access it?

1. Entering Woord is really very simple: you just have to enter in your favorite search engine.

2. Add the text

3. The speed rate of it

4. Elect the language

5. Choose the type of voice (if feminine, masculine or neutral).

6. Tick on “SPEAK IT”

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