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3 PDF To Speech Converters

If you are starting to get into Text-To-Speech technology, this article will be very useful for you. Currently, there is a wide variety of TTS software, as they have become extremely popular in different audiovisual industries, but also in the daily lives of millions of people. These programs are PDF To Speech Converters, so you can study or work while multitasking. For this reason, it can be a bit cumbersome to choose a program of this type to work with if you are beginning to internalize yourself in the subject. Next, we will share with you the 3 Text-To-Speech software that we have found most useful.

3 PDF To Speech Converters

What Is Text-To-Speech?

As its name indicates, text-to-speech tools do just that: convert text data into audio. TTS software’s AI tools can be useful for creating audiobooks and podcasts or simply for having text read aloud to you while you do something else. Although there are many software of this type, since it has become quite a popular technology, not all options are free or of good quality. However, there are some great alternatives to be found for free on the web, and that’s what we’ll talk about below.

3 PDF To Speech Converters

1. Woord

3 PDF To Speech Converters

Woord is an incredibly flexible Text-To-Speech programming. It allows turning texts into MP3 sound records free of charge. Works from text documents, for example, PDF or website pages, yet in addition, it also works with pictures or .gif files. This Saas has more than 20 dialects and a wide assortment of accents for every one of them. Furthermore, it allows you to modify the text as many times as needed. Some of the choices Woord gives are speed, gender of the voice, and select the device on which the record will be played.

Paid memberships to Woord incorporate to the SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) manager some extra features. The SSML is an editor that assists you with the changes to improve the sound of the audio you generate. To put it plainly, this software permits you to adjust the end-product in more detail. With it, you can make changes like the degree of accentuation in specific words, if there are stops, and it even assists with the right way to express words in different dialects.

3 PDF To Speech Converters

2. Loquendo

Then, our second recommendation is one of the oldest voice synthesizers on the web. For years now, Loquendo has delighted meme creators and pranksters, since this tool allows you to create an audio fragment from a written text quickly and with a particular voice that will sound familiar to many because it is included in humorous videos on Youtube.

Currently, you can test Loquendo by pasting text (maximum 500 characters) in various languages. It has voices in Spanish (from Spain, Chile, Mexico, and Colombia), Catalan, Galician, and many other languages, such as English with different accents, both in male and female voices.

3 PDF To Speech Converters

3. From Text To Speech

Up to a maximum of 50,000 characters, From Text To Speech allows you to convert text files to audio. It features multiple languages and male and female voices. This software allows you to convert text-generating audio with slow, normal, fast, and very fast speeds, as you need it. Finally, it is worth mentioning that From Text To Speech saves the text in MP3, the most common format to carry on your phone or digital audio player.

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