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Check Our Top Free Text Readers

Are you looking for a text reader? You are not the only one. Every day, millions of people benefit from this technology. This form of speech synthesis has gained a lot of weight in recent years, especially in entertainment industries, such as YouTube, for example. However, day after day there are huge numbers of users who use this technology to optimize their time, multitask, communicate, create content or simply “read” the news more comfortably. Therefore, below we will tell you about our list of the Top Free Text Readers.

Check Our Top Free Text Readers

So… What Is Speech Synthesis or Text-To-Speech Technology?

Text-To-Speech or TTS technology is a form of speech synthesis, that is, it is a way to create human speech synthetically. In the case of text readers, the voice is usually generated from an AI, designed to convert text into speech. As there is a lot of demand in the market, there is a wide variety of software of this type. This is very positive since, for people with visual or vocal impairments, is a more efficient way of communication in a culture as focused on the verbal and visual aspects as ours, opens a door to inclusion.

However, with so much variety, we also find different types of quality when choosing a TTS Saas. There are software that produces extremely realistic speech; which is indistinguishable from natural human speech, but there are also robotic ones. Therefore, below we will tell you about our Top 3 Text Readers.

Top Free Text Readers

1. Woord

Check Our Top Free Text Readers

Woord is our favorite option. This TTS has a wide variety of features that are not only available in the paid versions, but also in the free version. Some of the most relevant qualities of this text reader are:

  • Languages: It has more than 20 different languages and for each of them, variations of dialect and gender -including neutral gender.
  • Creation and redistribution: Woord allows you to download the audio in mp3 format and Audio hosting with HTML embed audio player. This means that you can use audio files in YouTube videos, e-Learning modules, or for any other commercial purposes.
  • Smart voice technology: by having this technology, the audio results are of high quality, allowing a perfect simulation of the human voice.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the premium versions of this product are highly recommended because, in addition to including some extra features, such as copyright, for example, they are highly accessible. If you plan to use TTS for business purposes, we definitely recommend checking out Woord‘s monthly and yearly plans.

2. Murf

Check Our Top Free Text Readers is an AI voice generator that offers over 100 authentic text-to-speech voices in over 15 languages. The Murf Studio is easy to use and offers a variety of voice modification options such as emphasis, pitch, and speed to help you get the most out of the AI-powered voice technology. The created voiceovers sound quite genuine and may be utilized in a number of situations.

It provides a 10-minute free trial with voice generating to test voices and features. The cost of the premium version starts at $9 for 30 minutes. Creators may add high-quality audio to their material in minutes with the subscription plans (Basic, Pro, and Enterprise).

3. ReadSpeaker

Check Our Top Free Text Readers

ReadSpeaker enables you to use speech solutions to promote your items in the market. Select your desired language and voice, enter or paste your message, and then click “listen” to listen to the text. To make the material available to the audience, you may add your speech to your applications and website. Produce audio files with natural-sounding voices and use text to speech to provide a voice to public announcement systems, IVRs, robots, and more.

ReadSpeaker allows businesses, organizations, and brands to provide a high-quality experience at a low cost. It is appropriate for consumers with learning problems, literacy issues, or vision impairment. It is always possible for everyone to easily access digital material.

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