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Check This AI For Content Creators

For content marketing platforms, a content producer is in charge of creating and generating textual, audio, or visual material. Today’s content can be a TikTok video, an Instagram review, or a blog entry. Content, regardless of kind, usually has one goal: to reach the platform’s intended audience. We usually aim to generate content that will appeal to a specific audience and provoke a response, such as increased followers, page views, or sales. Whatever line of employment we are in, there are certain instruments that will come in handy due to their adaptability. As a result, we’ll now discuss TTS Converters, an excellent AI For Content Creators.

Check This AI For Content Creators

Content creators conceptualize and develop compelling content, usually (but not always) in accordance with a content marketing strategy. Their goal is to produce compelling content that generates traffic, followers, or potential customers.

To do this, content creators work to understand what content works best for their audiences, platforms, and strategy. For example, an unboxing video or a social media haul about avocados is probably not the best content. But it could be interesting for a marketing strategy for a cell phone, clothes, or a credit card.

In Whatever kind of work you do, a text-to-speech tool can come in handy. Next, we will recommend 3 software to create your own voiceovers.

1. Woord

Check This AI For Content Creators

Woord is our number one choice. It has an intuitive design, so is an excellent tool for those who do not have experience with this type of Saas; if what you need is a simple and good quality job, Woord will fulfill the task. Also, it allows you to select the type of device on which you will play the audio; doing so will automatically apply effects that will improve the quality of the MP3 file.

It’s accessible in more than 50 languages, including a variety of dialects; besides, this free AI voice generator has female, male, and gender-neutral voice styles. Also, Woord has an SSML editor, allowing you to adjust the speed of the audio without affecting the quality. Finally, we must say that in addition to the fact that the free option is excellent, buying a pro version can be a good investment for content creators. In this sense, Woord is also a great option for its affordable prices.

Follow these steps to create a voice-over with Woord‘s TTS for your audiovisual project:

  • First, sign up in 
  • Then, write the script on the whiteboard
  • Next, select a voice in the language you like, as well as gender, pace, and device
  • To finish, press ‘Speak It!’ and check how it sounds.
  • If you’re satisfied with the result, download the MP3 file

2. TextSpeech Pro

Check This AI For Content Creators

This is a download-only text-to-speech software that reads the most popular document types such as PDF files, MS Word files, and HTML. It also provides support for disabled users. Some of it features are:

Large selection of natural voices: the paid version includes AT&T Natural Voices with the ability to change the speed, volume, and quality of the voice.
Various integration features: TextSpeech Pro gives you the option of having your emails read aloud to you, as well as having any web page read to you.
Features and plans: there are 6 subscription options available. TextSpeech Pro Basic starts at $19.99 and the price range goes up to $149.99 for TextSpeech Pro Enterprise with various pricing options in between, depending on the features you want to include.

3. Ivona

Check This AI For Content Creators

A member of the Amazon group of companies, Ivona is one of the best text-to-speech software tools on the market.

47 human voices: Ivona covers 24 languages with male and female voices for almost all.
Quality performance regardless of device: Ivona partners with ReadSpeaker to provide optimized performance on almost all devices, as well as the ability to integrate Ivona with other applications.
Features and plans: 13 subscription plans available. Prices range from $29.95 for the basic option that uses Windows voice and goes up to $159 depending on how many voices you choose to purchase.

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