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Chrome Extensions That Read Website Aloud

If you were wondering if there is any Chrome extension that reads web pages aloud, you have come to the right place. Actually, there is a lot of software available to perform this operation. Text-To-Speech (TTS) technology is the automated generation of an artificial voice that sounds identical or similar to a human reading text out loud. It is a type of technology that converts text into synthetic speech, this SaaS makes it easy to add dialogues to audiovisual projects, read the newspaper and help people with vision difficulties. But, with so many TTS offers, how to choose which one is the best for us? We’ve included what we think are the top Chrome Extensions That Read Website Aloud alternatives below.

Great progress in speech processing, both in analysis and synthesis, has been made from the moment in which it has been possible to process the duly digitized signal with numerical methods and with the help of the computer. Today, thousands of people benefit from this kind of technology. Although this tool is extremely sophisticated, the software has become extremely simple and vast with a couple of clicks so that you can use it on your computer or cell phone.

Chrome Extensions That Read Website Aloud

1. Woord

Chrome Extensions That Read Website Aloud

Woord is our number one choice if you are looking for a Chrome Extension That Read Website Aloud. It has an intuitive design, so is an excellent tool for those who do not have experience with this type of Saas; if what you need is a simple and good quality job, Woord will fulfill the task. Also, it allows you to select the type of device on which you will play the audio; doing so will automatically apply effects that will improve the quality of the MP3 file.

Its Plug-In is accessible in 10 languages; besides, this free AI voice generator has female, male, and gender-neutral voice styles. Also, Woord has an SSML editor, allowing you to adjust the speed of the audio without affecting the quality. Finally, we must say that in addition to the fact that the free option is excellent, buying a pro version can be a good investment for content creators if you plan to work with it. In this sense, Woord is also a great option for its affordable prices.

2. Read Aloud

Chrome Extensions That Read Website Aloud

It works on any web-page article with one click, using text to speech. It supports a variety of languages. Read Aloud converts any webpage text to audio, it works on a wide variety of websites, including news sites, blogs, fan fiction, publications, textbooks, school and class websites, and online university course materials. This API allows you to select from a variety of text-to-speech voices, including those provided natively by the browser, as well as by text-to-speech cloud service providers such as Google Wavenet, Amazon Polly, IBM Watson, and Microsoft. However, we must say that some of the cloud-based voices may require an additional in-app purchase to enable.

Chrome Extensions That Read Website Aloud

3. Notevibes

This online TTS counts with a variety of natural-sounding voices and allows you to get an mp3 download for free. With Notevibes, you get a clean and simple interface of an advanced editor that converts text to speech within seconds. The advanced editor offers many benefits like changing the pace and pitch, adding pauses in a single click, saving audio as WAV or MP3, volume and emphasis control, more than 25 languages, and several voices.

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