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Create Cute Custom Voices For Easter With Text-to-speech

Easter is arriving and with the desire to create an incredible experience for the little ones, so if you are looking for a TTS tool that will help you nail your Easter celebration you should definitely read this article!

Easter is a springtime festival of rebirth. It is the beginning of growth and new life after the cold, winter months, according to pagan tradition. The name is derived from Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the dawn and spring. Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ for Christians, and practicing Christians attend special church services during the Easter season. Easter celebrates life and rebirth, which is why we see so many symbols of new life and fertility, such as eggs, chicks, and rabbits, at Easter.

Many people, primarily children, take part in Easter egg “hunts,” in which decorated eggs are hidden. The annual White House Easter Egg Roll, in which children roll Easter eggs down Capitol Hill, is perhaps the most famous Easter tradition for children. In addition, on Easter Sunday morning, a character known as the Easter Bunny delivers candy and chocolate eggs to children in some households.

These candies are frequently found in Easter baskets. And some parents like to create a whole experience around the bunny and the eggs, so if you are looking for a way to create a cute custom voice for your Easter Bunny the best way to do so is by using a Text-To-Speech tool. 

Create Cute Custom Voices For Easter With Text-to-speech

What Is Text-To-Speech?

Text-to-speech (TTS) technology can read any text aloud to you. This is achieved by converting written words into spoken words. Before, TTS voices would sound unrealistic and robotic. Text-to-speech assets, fortunately, have advanced in recent years and are now incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to create more natural-sounding voices. For this reason, TTS tools are extremely useful. 

You can come across a number of text-to-speech applications online that you might find useful. The sheer number of options returned by simply searching for a TTS to use, on the other hand, can be overwhelming at times. Aside from that, you must find one that fits your needs.

We recommend using Woord, a free online application that can add voice to any text, to help you make this decision and avoid wasting time and money. This app includes a variety of features, such as the ability to change the speed and structure of the audio, as well as a large number of languages and genders.

About Woord

Woord is a free text reader for Windows and Mac OS X that lets you read a variety of texts, including websites, blogs, text files, PDF documents, ePub files, and so on. It also lets us choose from a variety of voices and change the reading speed.

Woord offers more than 60 natural-sounding voices in 18 languages. It’s also simple to use; just double-click to start reading. We can adjust the speaker, speed, text size, and background color using the user interface.

Create Cute Custom Voices For Easter With Text-to-speech

How Do I Use It?

  1. Visit and select “Online reader,” or download the Chrome extension.
  2. On the whiteboard, write your text, then choose the gender, language, tempo, and format.
  3. Once you’ve finished, click ‘Speak It’ to double-check that everything is in order.
  4. Save it to your PC or use it straight on Twitch after you’re happy with the result.

Woord’s Features 

  • All of the fundamental functions for converting text to speech.
  • Download and use are both free.
  • The interface is friendly, intuitive, and simple to use.
  • Allows you to read aloud from websites, blogs, PDF documents, Word documents, and other sources.
  • Allows you to change the narrator’s voice and the reading speed.
  • Any text can be read aloud.
  • It has a floating bar that allows you to read any text in other applications.
  • You can download Woord from the program’s official website to read texts aloud; keep in mind that it is available for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.
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