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Create Natural Voices For Your Business With These Tools

Are you looking to create audio with natural voices for your business? Continue reading because we have selected the best text-to-speech tools for you.

Text-to-speech can be used for a variety of purposes. Students, for example, frequently use this tool to make a presentation in class. TTS, on the other hand, can help you communicate while you’re outside. It is also permissible to use it in public places such as transportation, museums, and restaurants. This system will help you at any time and in any place.

Many companies consider it an effective tool because it can help you increase your business by using audio on social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, or TikTok. The results are fantastic; you will gain more followers and viewers as a result of using this tool.

<strong>Create Natural Voices For Your Business With These Tools</strong>

However, because there are so many text-to-speech software options available online, it can be difficult to find an effective tool that uses natural voices since most text-to-speech software uses robotic voices, which sounds strange. Trying a few of them may result in you wasting time that you don’t have. For this reason, we selected the best 3 TTS tools to help you improve your business. 

1. Woord

<strong>Create Natural Voices For Your Business With These Tools</strong>

Woord produces excellent synthetic sounds that closely resemble natural human speech. With a choice of 28 languages and 50 distinct voices, you have more control over the audio than just language and gender (including some regional variances). Furthermore, the software allows you to adjust other elements such as rhythm, tone, and breathing using the SSML editor and other audio options.

The majority of the service’s functions are included in the free Woord plan. It is limited to two audios and 20,000 characters per month. You can test the tool online or by installing the web browser plugin. To receive these benefits, all you have to do is sign up.

2. Microsoft Azure

<strong>Create Natural Voices For Your Business With These Tools</strong>

Azure Microsoft provides a service that converts text into extremely realistic voices. You can select from 270 different voices speaking 119 different languages and dialects. You can also change the tempo, tone, pronunciation, pauses, and other characteristics to suit your preferences.

As a result, Azure Microsoft provides you with the ability to access any speech style or emotional tone you require. In terms of features, the free plan may be limited. Nonetheless, it allows for 0.5 million characters and 5 hours of audio per month.

3. Speechify

<strong>Create Natural Voices For Your Business With These Tools</strong>

Speechify is a personal reading assistant that converts text-based resources to audio and delivers information in an audible voice. It can also do so in over 50 different languages.

You can also change the reading speed until you find what works best for you. To aid comprehension, the screen illuminates each word as it reads. As a result, Speechify is an excellent tool for people who have difficulty reading.

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