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Free AI Voice Generators For Game Developers

Are you a developer looking for a game specialization or do you work in a gaming company? In this article, we are going to cover some relevant aspects of how AI voices could help you improve your project. Continue reading to stay updated! 

We live in a world of the Internet, multiple software, and constantly coding. So, there isn’t a strange thing that games have quickly evolved. From basic ones like PacMac to PlayStation complex options and Android applications. Two decades before, nobody was ready for this explosion of game possibilities that today reaches more than 25,000 million! 

And the popularity of online games has also increased: statistics show that there are 3 billion gamers worldwide. With multiple genres, options for all ages, and large distribution, the gaming industry is an uphill area for developers. Only last year, its revenue reached more than $17 billion dollars.  

As we can see, the gaming industry is growing faster and offers a lot of opportunities. Game developers have a lot of tools that can help them build the bases of their projects. There are GameStudio 2, Blender, and Quixel to mention some of them. But the one that could really improve the way people play these games is TTS.  

What is this? It’s a complete and unique software that uses artificial intelligence to convert any type of text into realistic audio. It’s also called AI Voice because the result is a machine that spoke imitating human vocals. Text-to-speech technology has been in the Informatical market for a while and could be the best choice to create your game idea!

Why? We think you should know that by using AI Voices you can bring your characters to life, making them more natural and closer to the audience. Gamers feel more comfortable if the speech they heard sounds like a friend telling them a fascinating story. Besides, it increases interactivity, connection, and a deeper focus on the play. Finally, AI Voice Generators save you a lot of money spending on studio recordings and editions.  

What Are The Best Free And Online AI Voice Generators You Can Try 


It has 27 languages to choose from, so if your game will be internationally available you can customize all the data in seconds. When you have your idiom, the next option is to select an accent or voice and prepare it. How can you do this? It’s easy and practical: opt for a genre (female, male or neutral), the speed, and add some special effects. Personalize pitch, pauses, breaths, and more. With the help of Woord, your characters will be the most defined of your niche! It has an API (application programming software) too! 


Resemble allows you to create your characters’ brand new voices or to clone a real person’s one for free! It’s very simple to understand and even to use. Put the text you need to convert in the online reader and you will get your voice ready! Your game deserves identifiable voices that enhance their unique personalities. Create a free account and ask for an API key, if you need that functionality. 


World-building in mobile games often includes engaging audio narration. You can use one of ReadSpeaker‘s artificial voices to create engaging stories that keep people into the game. Werther it has a third-person narrator or the characters are the ones who speak, you should consider this option. It offers you more than 95 AI voices in 35 languages including SaaS solutions.  You can request an API key too!

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