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Free Online TTS To Brand Awarness

Brand recall or brand awarness is the stage in which consumers keep you in mind. In other words, it is the memory that customers have of a brand (according to their positive or negative experiences) to genuinely identify it.

The highest level within brand awareness is reached when a consumer knows the name, item and even recognizes the logo of a company at the slightest sign of it.

Free Online TTS To Brand Awarness

To generate brand awareness is necessary to build brand equity because that describes consumer experiences and general perception of the brand. If the experiences and perceptions are positive they create authentic brand equity, but if they are negative they build adverse brand equity.

One thing you can do if you have a brand is turn it into a more inclusive brand. 

For example, you can add audio explanations in your web site to improve the user experience. Online there are lot of TTS that can help you. Woord is one of that.

About Woord:

With Woord, audios are converted instantly thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms. It has users all over the world. On the other hand, you don’t need to be registered to use Woord.

Woord allows you to set the speed at which the voice speaks. If faster or slower. This can be configured in each conversion. So each one is totally unique.

Advantages of Woord

One of the main advantages of Woord, the TTS, is that they have female, male and neutral voices available. Also voices of children and adolescents. The sounds are really very natural. That is why it seems that a real person is speaking to you.

Free Online TTS To Brand Awarness

It is available to be used in devices of all kinds. Such as cell phones, tablets, computers. There is also an extension to Google Chrome and an API to be integrated with other software. Because of these technologies, your company will be identified in the same direction across every part of the world.

Woord users can select a large number of languages ​​to use. Some of them are: Japanese, Canadian, French, German, Danish, Mexican, Italian, Spanish, and English. Among many others. The video game industry is one of the main ones in the world of art and entertainment.

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