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TTS That Permit Read Websites Aloud

Are you tired of reading? Or do you just no longer read the lowercase letters that appear on websites? This article is for you, keep reading.

Finding a TTS that allows you to read websites aloud can take a lot of  time. Or there are even many that do not meet all the essential requirements to adapt well to your website.

TTS That Permit Read Websites Aloud

Adding this tool to your site will allow greater accessibility for many users with different characteristics that makes them unable or wanting to read everything that is specified, this on the other hand will cause an increase in commitment, something that is very important to maintain a link with the clients. Then all followed, word of mouth will cause an increase in visitors and also, among the benefits, will allow you to save time.

There are many software online that allow your website to be read aloud. Woord is one of them. In addition, it has an API that can be merged with other software so its implementation will be simple.

About Woord:

Woord has really natural voices available. Automatically generated thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms. Male and female voices can be used. There are also neutral voices.

Woord Advantages:

Languages ​​like Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Brazilian, Mexican, Argentine are available to be used. The speed of the voices can be regulated by the user, in this way the content is totally personalized for each user.

Finally, the audio can be downloaded by the user on the device. And also it can be used the times that they want. Woord can be used in devices with Windows and Mac OS x.

TTS That Permit Read Websites Aloud

With Woord you access:

With the free version of Woord you can convert up to 10,000 free characters per month. Neutral voices are available.  But you can access the paid version in which users can convert an unlimited number of characters.The subscription can be canceled at any time. And payment can be possible with credit card, debit or Pay Pal.

Implementing Woord on your website will make more and more people feel comfortable when browsing your site and this will be transformed into sales instantly. Your products or services will be looked at with different eyes by users.

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