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Free TTS For Your Tourism Apps

Text-to-speech software helps hospitality businesses make it easier for people to get around and offers tours in multiple languages, all at the same time.

The travel and tourism industries have constantly struggled to communicate fluently with visitors from a variety of linguistic backgrounds. This has always been a barrier to hiring new employees. Make sure they know as many languages ​​as possible so that the traveler can communicate easily.

Plus point:

One of the great advantages of TTS technologies is the way they are used to assist travelers. The technology can lend itself to public address systems that share information in real time, travel announcements at airports, train stations, and other transportation hubs, and self-service ticketing options in public areas that provide instructions in your language of choice.

By entering the tour transcript into your speech engine the text-to-speech software can allow the tour of a museum, monument, or other point of interest to be spoken aloud to your audience in the language of their choice.

Woord is one of them, a free software that allows you to convert text to audio. The voices are generated automatically through artificial intelligence algorithms. Offering different speeds of voices. It also has neutral, masculine and feminine voices.

The opportunities that text-to-speech offers in the travel industry are not limited to vacations and leisure travel. Business travel and conferences of all kinds can also gain a lot from adopting text-to-speech solutions. Regardless of the language spoken, the aim is to make trips more accessible to everyone.

How does it work?

Entering Woord is very simple, you just have to type; enter the text you want to convert; select the language; the type of voice; the speed of it and from which part of the text you want to convert the audio.

On the other hand, Woord has a paid version in which unlimited characters can be converted. This software can be used in countries like Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, USA, India, Russia and many more since Woord has all those languages.

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