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TTS Technologies Used In FinTech

This article provide you an easy guide how to use TTS with FinTech. Both words combined can generate big benefitis.

The abbreviation for financial technology is FINTECH, a growing field that is changing the way financial services are offered. The security measures that banks use to carry out transactions over the internet increases over time.

Many international banks are currently launching speech recognition services as part of their security banking experience. Passwords or other types of data do not need to be given to access bank accounts.

With text-to-speech software beginning to penetrate the financial services industry, it’s safe to say that the integration of technology has paid off. Beyond the ability to check your finances and the stock market on the go, using only voice commands, text-to-speech can be used to enhance security and enhance the customer experience by making it more accessible, dynamic and personalized.

TTS Technologies Used In FinTech

New technologies in Fintech:

Using these new technologies in the banking world marks a new paradigm. Woord is one of them. A software that allows you to enter text or images and convert them into speech. On the other hand, Woord has an API to be able to integrate other software.

 With text-to-speech software, customers can predefine a favorites list that allows them to transfer money to these accounts by person or entity name instead of entering 9- to 16-digit account numbers. By eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords, the banking experience becomes more enjoyable and less burdensome.

Woord has really natural voices available. Automatically generated thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms. Male and female voices can be used. There are also neutral voices.

TTS Technologies Used In FinTech

Woord Advantages:

Languages ​​like Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Brazilian, Mexican, Argentine are available to be used. The speed of the voices can be regulated by the user, in this way the content is totally personalized for each user.

Finally, the audio can be downloaded by the user on the device. And also it can be used the times that they want. Woord can be used in devices with Windows and Mac OS x. In that way fintech is becoming more and more secure. The use of these new technologies make the user feel more protected and carry out more banking transactions.

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