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Free TTS To Improve Your You Tube Tutorials

In this article you can find some tools to refine the tutorials you upload to the social media platform. The video tutorial is a tool to transmit what one knows, give information visually, share with followers everything one knows. Without keeping any secrets. There are millions of tutorial videos on all topics available on YouTube.

However, to make a tutorial you have to take into account certain steps:

Know the topic that we are going to deal with and explain it in a simple way, that is very practical, useful and that they contribute something to the viewer. Know very well what you are going to say when the camera begins to record.

Duration: the videos must be short. As a highlight they should not exceed 10 minutes. On the other hand, the concepts should be explained in a simple way. It is better to rehearse them so that the fillers are not noticeable. Before broadcasting a video, it is better to share it with other people in your circle so if there is any mistake you can correct it in time.

Do not load your videos with excessive graphic elements, information will be lost if you write indiscriminately.

Always provide a way for them to communicate with you. Thus, users can contact you directly or to contract your services or clarify doubts.

Audio is a key element:

That is why audio should be given great importance. There are various software as services that allow you to convert text to speech. Woord is one of them and it is 100% free. This will save you a lot of time. Since if you record your voice you can get to be wrong, but in this way you ensure that it will be well done in just a few seconds.

How to enter?

You do not need to have a registered user. Anyone who logs on to can convert up to 10,000 characters for free every month.

It should be noted that there is also the paid version, with which the user accesses an unlimited number of characters that can be converted in a month. On the other hand, with the monthly subscription the voices are even more real. It seems as if a human is speaking.

Woord can be used by both young people and adults since it is really very easy to use. Also, it provides female, male and neutral voices. And so that everyone feels included and can carry out their conversations with Woord, it offers voices of children and adolescents.

Get started with Woord and watch your YouTube videos improve.

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