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How To Find Natual Voices For Car’s Assistants

In this article you can find some tools like TTS that provides natual and high quality for your car’s assitant.

Every day cars require more technology to provide comfort, convenience and safety to drivers. Recent studies have shown that these are the most important topics for a buyer when choosing a car.

The presence of voice recognition technology that is built into new cars will only accelerate with the emergence of the ‘Internet of Things’. When a vehicle is connected you can even enable outbound communication between dealers and customers for items like appointment confirmations, reminders.

Text-to-speech software for cars makes all of these functions possible and ultimately allows drivers to move more easily while keeping their eyes exactly where they need to be – on the road.

 Woord is an example of a text to speech software. Its advantage is that the voices are 100% realistic. Generated by artificial intelligence algorithms automatically.

How is it?

The model that Woord carries out is SaaS (software as a service) where the client is charged an annual or monthly subscription for use. For the number of conversions made from text to audio in a month. On the other hand, with the paid subscription they have access to voices of supreme quality.

This TTS allows you to listen to the audio as many times as necessary. In addition, the user can download the files and have them available to listen to when needed. These are downloaded in PDF format.

Converting text to audio with Woord is simple and straightforward. Convincing these technologies will make the user feel safe and calm. Since you will continue to concentrate on driving but receive audio notifications.

Very easy to use:

  • In the text box, type a word or phrase, or import any file, and you’re good to go.
  • Choose a voice gender (male, female, or neutral voice).
  • Select a language
  • Enjoy advanced options (speech rate and device profiles)
  • Speak it!

The paid version can be canceled at any time. On the other hand, the monthly subscription can be paid with debit cards, credit or even Pay Pal.

Languages ​​offered by Woord:

Woord can be used for audio systems in various countries. This is so because it includes languages ​​such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Dutch, Norwegian, among others.

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