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How To Make Voices In Different Languages ​​For Tik Tok Or YouTube?

The world of social media is very broad and dynamic. Applications such as YouTube, Tik Tok, Kawai and Facebook are the most relevant at the moment. This is given to your content in the form of video. It is what users prefer and this is clearly reflected in the numbers.

If you are youtuber or would like to be one, you have to bear in mind that it is a job like any other. And because of that you really have to dedicate a lot of time to see its fruits. In countries like India, Korea or Russia, Tik Tok is the application with the most downloads generated per day.

Doing tutorials can be very simple but for the audience to improve, the same content can be presented in languages ​​and this would make the number of followers or even subscribers rise. On the other hand, these new technologies mean that there is also more competition.

That is why you can use a text-to-speech converter to be able to reuse the material and make more audience discover your content. There are various online softwares such as Woord. An online platform that allows you to transform written content into voice.

How is this?

Use this platform is really simple, you just have to go to Second, enter the text you want to convert into audio, select the type of voice (either female or male), the speed and finally the language. This will allow all your content to be present in different countries.

Woord is a software that allows to transform text or same images, pdfs among other types of files to more than 50 types of languages. With truly stunning quality. The voices are made with an artificial intelligence system. But this is not really noticeable. It looks like a skin and bone human was speaking.

It can be accessed from the free version. Which includes converting up to 20,000 characters for free per month. Being able to choose languages ​​such as Italian, French, Portuguese, Polish, Mexican, Argentine, English (with its different variants: USA, UK, Australia and India).

This editor also allows you to listen to the converted audio in just a few seconds. Being able to download the file in mp3 format. Also people can have it available on all your devices to be used as many times as necessary.

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