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Technologies Of Voices To Films Or Videos

If you want to know the best way to generate a voice to add to your films or videos this article could help you. Continue reading…

Students of careers related to the design, editing, or creation of films or series are constantly generating new content. They must create characters with very different characteristics and personalities for each of them. This is sometimes very demanding and time-consuming.

Recording the voices sometimes gets a bit tedious because they have to pretend different types for all the characters in it. It also takes a long time. Since they can repeatedly make mistakes, forget the text, not be able to stop laughing.

Technologies Of Voices To Films Or Videos

These technological projects have to be carried out perfectly since the approval or not of the matter depends on them. That is why the student must put all the best of himself to do well.

There are many TTS software that has a voicebank in neutral, feminine and masculine and with several languages ​​in which you can choose. You can also select the speed with which it will speak.

Some examples

Woord is a software that you can use online or download its extensible version from google chrome. This tool is available for both Windows and MAC OS X. In addition, the content can be downloaded and kept on your device forever. This will allow it to be included in movies or films.

This TTS has a free version that allows you to convert up to 20,000 characters in a month completely free of charge. By accessing the monthly paid subscription the user has up to 500,000 characters available. And sounds as if a human were next to you.

Technologies Of Voices To Films Or Videos

These platforms are very easy to use, you just have to enter the text you want to convert, the speed at which you speak and select if you want a male, female or neutral voice. On the other hand, you can select from where you want the user to start reading.

There are more than 50 languages ​​available such as Russian, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Spanish, French and many others. Using this tool is thanks to technological advancement and it makes doing all these tasks easier and more enjoyable. In addition to that, they keep much neater.

The advantage of this software is that the voices are real. Generated in the moment. By artificial intelligence systems.

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