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How To Read Text Out Loud From Any Website With Chrome

Many of us spend a large part of our time surfing the net. We do it in search of information or just for fun; memes and kitty videos have saved our lives, we must admit. Sometimes spending so much time in front of the computer screen can tire our eyes and we need our eyes to rest at least for a while. This would be solved by not using the computer, right? Well, let’s be honest: that’s not going to happen. It is possible and very likely that we need to read a certain article or different information for some reason or that the computer is our work tool. If that is our case, we can make use of an extension To Read Text Out Loud From Any Website With Chrome. This plug-in converts written text to speech; so we can access the content of any website, without having to read it ourselves. Pretty convenient, right?

Next, we explain how to use the Woord extension, so that in this way Chrome reads aloud any text that we ask for.

How To Read Text Out Loud From Any Website With Chrome

What are the risks of being in front of the computer?

Many are unaware that simple actions such as eating in front of the computer can cause harmful health effects. The thousands of bacteria that the keyboard; mouse; and work table transmit present a risk of being in front of the computer. It is estimated that they contain more than 400 times that of a bathroom, so hygiene and, above all, eating in this space brings with it a series of diseases. We all know that leading a sedentary life can trigger a series of health problems, such as those mentioned above, and that can inevitably lead to death. Physical inactivity represents the fourth factor of death in the world.

Staring at a computer screen for a long time can lead to eye irritation and blurred vision. The result is known as computational eye stress and although it does not lead to long-term health consequences, it can have a negative impact on the well-being and productivity of the affected person.

When you spend a lot of time in front of a screen, you blink less than when you do other types of activities. Also, your sight is focused on one point for a long time. These two factors tire the eye muscles, dry eyesight, and generate a general feeling of exhaustion.

Why Woord And How To Read Text Out Loud From Any Website With Chrome?

First things first: Woord is a free app. Its Chrome extension will “read” aloud to you any website or article you visit. Google Chrome has a wide variety of users, and it is the most popular browser in the world. This platform is used by people of all ages and places in the world for its accessibility. For this reason, Woord is an excellent complement; due to its intuitive interface and ability to generate high-quality audio in simple steps, anyone can use it.

How To Read Text Out Loud From Any Website With Chrome

This AI will allow you to perform different tasks simultaneously; while it “reads” you the news of the day, you can prepare breakfast, or get ready to go out. But it is also a great aid for those who have visual disabilities, dyslexia, autism, or motor function problems.

Woord offers text to speech natural voices, which helps the user concentrate, making the “reading” experience more enjoyable. This type of software, with realistic human voices, is a novelty in the development of TTS Saas, and Woord has achieved impressive results. For these reasons, we recommend Woord’s extension for Chrome to enhance your digital experience.

To get it, just click here! And add it to your browser.

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