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Realistic Voices That Helps Plastic Artist

Plastic artists often want to comment on their work. Often they need to explain something about it so that the public understands well what it is they want to convey. Especially in abstract art, which is not usually understood by all people.

That is why many museums, together with artists, began to record small audio fragments that are constantly reproduced .When, thanks to artificial intelligence, they realize that they are standing near their painting. They do this so that people fully understand what it is that they wanted to be represented.

In museums:

The problem they faced is that the artists could not record the speeches in all languages ​​since they did not know them in depth. That is why they began to use software that allows converting written texts to audios.

One of them is Woord, which is very easy to use and in a few seconds they have the audio file available to be used. It is beneficial for them because it has a large number of languages ​​that can be spoken.

Woord converts text to speech thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms and the voices are totally realistic. It is a Saas software (Software as a service) where users can pay a monthly or annual subscription and access all the extra benefits they have.

About Woord:

The subscription can be paid with debit or credit cards. Also by Pay Pal. It can be canceled at any time of the month by the user. And in this way accesses an unlimited amount of characters to be converted to voice files.

On the other hand, Woord allows the user to select the speed at which they want the audio to play, if it is faster or slower. Also if the voice is female, male or neutral. And if you want to communicate something to one of the smallest members of the family. Also, voices of children and adolescents are here too.

The files can be listened to as many times as the user wants. Although they can even be downloaded in MP3 format. Woord can be used on Windows and Mac OS X. 

In this way the artists ensure that visitors from all over the world will understand their works perfectly.

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