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Replace Children’s Voice On The Internet

In some commercials or advertising products from some countries of the world, it is forbidden to upload videos with children’s voices to the internet. But these are essential to tell certain stories. Therefore not having their presence would make the purpose of it change completely.

For this reason, alternatives must be sought in order to continue including them in stories. An alternative that can be well is to double the voices of the children. Transforming them into adult voices but at the moment of visualizing it realizes that it is a child who is speaking.

Replace Children's Voice On The Internet

In addition, working with children can sometimes be very cumbersome, at times they will not want to say what they should say, they can forget it or even make mistakes. This way, if a track is used, it would be saving a lot of time and things would work out well on the first recording.

There are various platforms to transform text to speech in just a few seconds. Getwoord is one of them, a software that allows you to convert text or images into speech for free. It is done online, and offers a wide list of languages. Try it and you will see that that way the children will be able to appear in the ads without any problem, the story you want will be told will make sense and the text will be perfect.

About Woord

You just have to put in Google and access. It has a free version and a paid one. It has more than 60 languages ​​available in female and male voice. On the other hand, you can configure the speed and from where you want it to start reading. In addition, you can download the audio in MP3 format so that it remains forever and can be used as many times as you want.

If you subscribe to the monthly paid version, you will have access to a much larger number of voices and you will be able to make unlimited conversions as many times as you want. On the other hand, on the web you can access material to discover and explore the audios for free.

Replace Children's Voice On The Internet

Woord allows you to upload PDF files, text files, images and many more. It is available for Windows and Mac OS X. You have control over the number of times the material is to be played.

The next time you have problems recording commercials or advertisements with children, don’t forget to use this technological tool. It is really helpful, very easy to use and the time you save you can dedicate to something else.

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