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Text To Speech Converter For Teachers

It is currently fashionable to learn new languages ​​online. This saves time. It is much more comfortable, you can do it from home or from any place where you can have an internet connection. Everything is possible thanks to the technological advances that have emerged in recent times.

For teachers, preparing the material for the classes usually takes a long time. Especially because, being individual classes, they are personalized based on the needs of each student. That is why they are constantly looking for new options and alternatives. So that the class is entertaining and dynamic.

One of the most challenging parts of learning a new language is listening and understanding it. For this reason, teachers look for tools to generate audios and for students to be familiar with how the language sounds from the first moment.

A highly recommended tool to be able to generate audios in any language is is a software that translates text or images into audio.

GetWoord is a tool that has a free version for anyone. It is widely used by teachers of Japanese, Turkish, Mexican, Swedish, Polish, Korean and Russian. Also by English teachers, in its different extensions (US, UK, Australia and India).

Let us begin:

  1. You have to enter
  2. Write, or upload in the format you want the most (it can be image, PDF, text file, blog, among many others) the text you want to convert to speech.
  3. Select the language and the type of voice (if it is male or female).
  4. Speed ​​(for students who are just starting you can use a slower speed, and for others who are more advanced with the language, a faster one). You can also select from which part of the document you want to start playing.

This platform allows you to download the files in mp3 format and save them on your devices forever. This is very good for teachers, because they can access this material as many times as they want. And they can send it to students so that they can study. It is also very easy to use.

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